~from hardcore XXX-lightly erotic+everything else>
i need so many things.

half of which i don’t have enough money for, the other half is shit i just have to figure out i suppose. money doesn’t get you everything you need, but it would provide a nice distraction.

pizza and whiskey…

i could ask for more, but i doubt if i get it.


my saturday night.

i kinda wanna talk to someone, but i’m also sleepy. that and none of you guys talk to me most of the time.

i actually do miss those random positive texts. 

oh well.

i’m fuckin up.

in many ways, but right now i mean i need to be asleep. should have been asleep hours ago.

not a bad nut.

not great, but it will do.

too early in the morning to be this horny.
showered, dressed, shoed, smelling good.

turns out i’m not leaving the house… 


horny, lonely, bored, a lil drunk…

the perfect title for my autobiography. i have a true distaste for my life.

ugh. i need to just take my ass to bed.

up for no good reason, just to wake up early to head to a shit job, ran by bitches too concern with stroking their egos to actually manage. fuck. i need a life do over, or an instant painless death. 

I’m miserably horny.

there was no birthday sex to be had.