~from hardcore XXX-lightly erotic+everything else>
i need so many things.

half of which i don’t have enough money for, the other half is shit i just have to figure out i suppose. money doesn’t get you everything you need, but it would provide a nice distraction.

pizza and whiskey…

i could ask for more, but i doubt if i get it.


my saturday night.

Ugh. Not drunk enough for my ankle not to hurt…

Drink more?

i’m fuckin up.

in many ways, but right now i mean i need to be asleep. should have been asleep hours ago.

So Borny

( bored+horny )

not a bad nut.

not great, but it will do.

so i guess my blog is 3 years old today.

not sure if that is something to celebrate or not.

i’m really starting to hate my phone.

can’t remember the last time it presented me with anything good. it’s always someone needing money or some shitty news. why can’t i have someone hit me up just happy and wanting to talk for a bit? shit why can’t i nudes again? surprise nudes use to be the shit… at this point i’d settle for a upbeat text. 

i want to be in a social setting, yet i don’t feel like talking.

or getting dressed…

too early in the morning to be this horny.