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Tumble is basically Ricky Bobby’s dad.

Every time things are happy and content, here come the damn onions on the steak and you end up turning out an Applebee’s. Who the hell is it that start fucking with things the moment they’re perfect? “Oh shit is going too smooth, yup better fuck with it.” I’m gonna need tumblr to not be Reese Bobby.


i’m one lonely fucker.

i’m happy you can’t see how deep the sadness really runs.

what’s wrong with me?

life is feeling pretty empty.

i work, i come home. that is about the how the whole week goes. i have no idea what to do to fill my time or find some one who is a suitable mate…. or at least a group of girls i can have sex with on the regular.

Fuck! firefox didn’t use to give me this much trouble.

updated to 4.0, noticed things were missing or not working right so i went back to the previous version. NOTICE THE THINGS THAT DISAPPEARED ARE STILL MISSING. i uninstall firefox, reinstall, EVEN MORE SHIT IS MISSING THIS TIME. i dont know what the hell is going on, but i wish i never updated.